Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Hawks win Gwent Dragons Competition

On Saturday night The Hawks were very lucky and got to go and watch the Dragons last match of the season (for free!). The class took part in a competition where they has to state in one paragraph why our school was the best. This was a hard task (seeing as we are such a great school) but Laura Huckbody managed it. This was her winning entry ...

Hello Mr Sage and Mr James (and of course the Dragons!) My name is Laura Jasmine Huckbody, from Deighton Primary School; Tredegar. 7 short months ago we came to visit you. We learnt a lot more about rugby and had a superb time –(not forgetting when we saw Sam Parry!) Personally I think our school is the best because; we don’t suffer from bullying, play a lot of sports and are inquisitively well behaved. If we win the signed rugby jersey it will put our school on the map and also make our school known for sports. In addition our class would also get to come back to the best trip we have ever been on (in our lives!).  I hope you choose Deighton Primary School’s year 6 to come and make you win your last match!
P.S- you know we won’t let you down J.   
We had a great time watching the Dragons win their last match, and Laura was also presented with a signed t shirt for the school.
Da iawn Laura. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
Miss L

River Trip

Last week The Hawks travelled down to the Sirhowy River to carry out some activities as part of our river project. Luckily the weather was good to us and we didn't get wet on the 3 mile walk there and back!
Down at the river we measured the speed, depth and temperature of the river and looked at the surrounding wildlife/habitats.
We had a very enjoyable day.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hawks Star in Animation

Members of the Hawks were lucky enough to take part in an animation, based on the lives of children working in Britain during 1842.  

In 1842 a Royal Commission investigated the employment of children in heavy industry -- the results shocked middle-class Britain. Children aged 8 and younger were discovered to be working in dreadful conditions. The commissioners interviewed children throughout the country, including South East Wales. In the film you will hear actual words as spoken by the children, their parents and their employers. The characters have been animated to give the film a real sense of the period.

This animation was produced by Made in Tredegar, a film company who operate from a building near the Town Clock. The children were videoed speaking their parts, and an animator created the characters, which show an amazing likeness to members of the Hawks. We are thrilled to have taken part in the project. A big thanks to Kevin, Ben and Jane for inspiring the children and giving us this opportunity. 

Watch the animation here

Miss L